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Laboratory Instrument Service Specialists
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Here are the most common questions we hear from clients.

1) Does your company service [insert your instrument here]?
The number one question we are asked is if we service a particular instrument. In most cases, we can confidently say yes. A majority of instrument manufacturers support us with the parts and service documentation we need to service instruments. A small number of manufacturers attempt to lock out any independent service companies in a practice that we believe is unethical, and in some cases illegal. More information on this issue can be found here. Either way, Pohli, Inc. will always strive to help you with your laboratory instruments.

2) What is your coverage area?
Washington, Oregon, and Idaho make up the vast majority of our service area. We will, however, gladly travel further if it makes sense for your situation. It would not be ethical for us to charge significant travel charges when it's likely that a local service company could service your instrument just as well. Having said that, special jobs and circumstances have brought us to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, California, Nevada, among others, just to name a few.

3) Do you sponsor or support any teams or non-profit organizations?
Yes. While there are many great and worthwhile causes to support, as a company we have decided to actively support the fight against human trafficking. This despicable practice can affect anyone, but it is usually women, children, and the poorest people in society who are taken advantage of the most. Pohli, Inc. proudly supports several organizations, including Engedi Refuge, a local group that rescues women from sex trafficking, and helps them to regain a positive and successful life.