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Laboratory Instrument Service Specialists

Yes! We do!

This is our answer to the frequently asked question, "Do you also service...?"

Pohli, Inc. is a full-service laboratory instrument service company, offering repair, preventive maintenance, and calibration services on a wide variety of laboratory analytical and process equipment. Because we are local to the greater Seattle area, we provide our clients fast response without the high travel costs often associated with factory equipment service. A list of equipment we commonly service can be found here.

Pohli, Inc. takes great joy in being part of your success! Whether you are helping to solve the world's problems from a small, one-researcher laboratory, or whether you manage a lab for a large organization, we understand that solutions come from creative minds everywhere, and we want to be there to aid your success! Our clients are finding cures for diseases, ensuring your water is safe to drink, making your food taste better, and making crops grow better. We have a passion for helping you succeed in your research! Give us a call!